The Squirrel Feeder



The Squirrel Feeder, Solid treated pinewood all woods weather-resistant. Acrylic glass window.

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The Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels – wood-dwellers by nature – have adapted to modern civilization and feel quite at home in the big city. But they need to eat, and also to put aside something for the winter. You’ll be doing them a good turn (and also the birds whose houses they’ll otherwise rob) by providing them with this sturdy wooden feeder. Fun for you and your children too, as you can watch the squirrels opening the lid and taking out the nuts.
The food-box can be attached to rough house walls, or, if you like, to a tree-trunk or wooden post in the open. Filling it with whole, unshelled nuts will keep the squirrels fed all year round.

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Weight 750 g
Dimensions 6.50 × 6.50 × 8.50 in


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The Squirrel Feeder

The Squirrel Feeder