Organic Raw Honey Bottle 250 gms – A cute Gift for your loved ones



A cute gift along with the promise of good health for all types of occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries , favours, Weddings and Corporate gifts. Bulk orders available.

Organic Raw Honey by Kabeela Living is rarest of rare. It is collected by the forest-dwellers of the deep jungles of Aravali Hills. These people are called the Bhil Tribes of Rajasthan. Honey collection is their traditional skill. This honey is filtered and delivered at your doorstep. Most importantly, We do not put our honey through any heat or pasteurization process. It is therefore, free of any chemicals, pesticides, artificial flavour, sugar, additives or colours. Hence, it is absolutely organic, pure and natural.

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Organic Raw Honey

Throughout history, humanity has prized honey for its medicinal and healthful properties. It has many benefits along with its irresistible sweetness. Kabeela Living brings you this organic raw Honey filled with Goodness.  We procure our honey from the deep jungles of Aravali Hills. This raw honey contains the properties of medicinal plants and herbs. Also, This honey is slightly darker in color. This Honey is rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Anti oxidants. This slightly Darker honey is more flavorful. Moreover, it has an intense flavor and is best for its medicinal use.


This honey is organic, raw, pure, natural and unprocessed. Our organic raw honey is very rich in nutrition. It contains high amounts of antioxidants. Honey contains glucose, fructose and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. It also contains calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate. Thus, Honey presents a number of health benefits. Honey consumption keeps blood sugar level under control. It also helps in weight loss. So, Start your day with the sweetness of Kabeela Living Organic Honey!!


“Kabeela” ; is a Hindi word for tribe. Here, it refers to The Bhil Tribe. They are an Indo – Aryan speaking ethnic group in West India. The Bhil Tribe speaks the Bhil languages. As of 2013, Bhils were the largest tribal group in India. These tribes are listed as indigenous people in the Deccan regions and central India.They also form a part of Eastern India. Many people of this tribe still live in the deep jungles of West India. Hence, a part of their occupation is hunting and gathering. These Tribes are also responsible for Honey Collection.

Hence, Kabeela Living is named after the experienced honey collectors of Bhil Tribe. This is a tribute to their hard work and passion. We would not have been able to experience the goodness and benefits of pure honey without them.

Picture Credits- Supreksha Singh

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Organic Raw Honey Bottle 250 gms – A cute Gift for your loved ones

Organic Raw Honey Bottle 250 gms – A cute Gift for your loved ones