Building a nest box for wild birds can be one of the most gratifying projects a person can undertake. When placed in the proper habitat, a nest box or bird house may be occupied, defended, and filled with eggs almost immediately. The best nest box are simple, without elaborate details, void of paint and embellishment. The first nest box builders and skilled construction pros were woodpeckers, making homes by excavating cavities in tree trunks. By observing wood...

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Our Mission

Connecting people, birds and land

Mission: conserving birds and their habitats through science, education and by placing Birdhouses, Bird Feeders, Bird Baths targeting from individual to large forest area.


  • Guide conservation action where it is needed most by conducting scientifically rigorous monitoring and research on birds and their habitats within the context of their full annual cycle
  • Inspire conservation action in people by developing relationships through community outreach and science-based, experiential education programs
  • Contribute to bird population viability and help sustain working lands by partnering with landowners and managers to enhance wildlife habitat
  • Promote conservation and inform land management decisions by disseminating scientific knowledge and developing tools and recommendations.
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